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History, Legends, & Myths of Hawaii

Quick Details

Adult Ages 13+
Child Ages 3 to 12

Experience the best views of Hawaii island

Come see our island with a different perspective. Learn about the infamous King Kamehameha that conquered the islands. Hawaii island has some of the best views of our Volcanos from the ocean. Learn about the Kings, how they came to be Kings, the families, and spirits that ruled them. Explore the coastline with us on our 30 ft. Rigid Inflatable Boat (Pic of boat on website: Malaialena). Don’t just take a souvenir home, take something stronger, some of our history and our culture and our stories.

Visit unique and historical locations along the Kohala Coast by boat. See some of the spiritually important lands, learn about many historical locations often overlooked or missed by land. The Kohala coastline has many sacred locations that we are now offering to share with our visitors. Instead of diving into the ocean, we will dive into the history that these lands were once ruled by the Kings and the Gods and Goddesses of these lands. Learn about significant Hawaiian Landmarks including Pu’uKohola, the fishponds of King Kamehameha, see ruins of the ancient fishing villages. Hawaii history and culture is full and very prevalent today in modern society. Learn a few myths and legends that might seem like fairy tales or from a movie or show you saw, but in history here, they were real. Don’t leave Hawaii without diving into our immersive cultural tour.

It’s a great opportunity to take incredible pictures with the Volcanoes in the background as well as learning about our island and the stories that it holds. This is a great opportunity for the whole family. Included will be snacks and drinks. We will also offer some specialty Hawaiian snacks to try, that add to our immersion into Hawaiian culture.