Education and Conservation

We Care About Our Oceans

Adventure X Boat Tours is Committed to Education and Conservation.

We feel it is very important that we do our part in promoting safe and healthy practices of reef conservation. It starts with the sunscreen we wear and the products that go into the trash at the end of the day. Simple things like promoting reef friendly sunscreen (available to buy at the time of check-in) or eliminating the use of plastic water bottles are all little ways that we can make a huge difference in the health of our oceans.

Not only do we model healthy practices, but we will encourage and educate others to do the same. “Our purpose is to not only have a great time out on the ocean but to gently teach our guests simple ways that they too can help contribute to the long-term health our oceans and the marine life that lives in them,” says Captain Kelsey.

Interested in buying reef friendly sunscreen check out

**We have a 95% success rate of finding the resident spinner dolphins. Whale sightings are guaranteed January-March or come again for free in the same season. No refunds.