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Big Island Dolphin Tours

Quick Details

  • Check-in: 30 minutes prior to departure.
  • We Provide: Cold drinks (water, Coke, Diet Coke, fruit juice, ginger ale) and snacks catered by UNDER THE BODHI TREE in Waikoloa village.
  • What to Bring: Sunscreen and hat. Dress like you are going to the beach!
Adult Ages 13+
Child Ages 3 to 12
UPSCALE Private Charter Price per hour with a minimum of 3 hours.

Swim With Dolphins on This Big Island Snorkeling Adventure

Have you ever experienced looking a wild spinner dolphin in the eye or watched a mother and baby play in the ocean blue? Our dolphin tours on Hawaii’s Big Island have been described as beautiful, breathtaking, unique, and once-in-a-lifetime. To see a wild dolphin in its natural environment is something you simply can’t miss!

Watch them from the boat or jump in the water to see them swimming in their natural environment. We’ve been able to see 300 dolphins in a pod! Our captain teaches our guests ways we can respectfully interact with these amazing creatures without disturbing their behavior. After all, we are swimming in their home. We limit our swim with the dolphins to allow them to rest in the late morning hour when they start to go into “sleep” mode.

After swimming with Hawaii’s wild dolphins, we take you snorkeling on a beautiful reef known for colorful coral, variety of fish, and turtles. *Don’t miss out on the opportunity to witness a turtle getting cleaned at a turtle cleaning station (yes, like a turtle car wash).

We serve fabulous food and drinks from start to end on our Big Island dolphin tours. Choices include filtered water, coke, diet coke, aloha juice, ginger ale, local, organic, and gluten-free banana bread from UNDER THE BODHI TREE along with their delicious hummus and avocado wrap, cookies, and fresh-cut pineapple. Snorkel gear, including flotation devices, are also included.

Ready to swim with wild dolphins in Hawaii? Book this once-in-a-lifetime trip today!