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Our Boat

One can’t ask for a more stable and safe vessel than the Malaialena

We Stand Out Above the Rest

With the rigid inflatable tubes and the single aluminum hull, this boat is very stable and safe when it comes to ocean boating.

  • Bathroom on board. Stand up marine head with full working toilet
  • 60% of the boat is shaded…which is a very nice and comfortable luxury to have on a boat. The option of shade is always a plus when out on the ocean
  • Upper viewing deck that seats 4 people
  • 8 speaker sound system. Microphone interpretation and a great selection of music
  • Underwater hydrophone: listen to the whale sing…LIVE!
  • Standard safety features: Sonar, Radar, VHF radio, fire extinguishers, coast guard required life jackets.
  • All captains hold current and up to date licenses, CPR/First Aid certified, and are trained in marine mammal education and conservation.